IRC, and how not to talk to Ops

Submitted by wraeth on Mon, 11/09/2017 - 22:07

Did you just get quieted or banned from an IRC channel?

Do you believe the quiet or ban was unjustified and should be removed right now?

Then let me tell you, the best way not to do that is to chase down personal contact details of channel operators and attempt to threaten them with your newfound knowledge of their online information! Not only will that not result in getting your quiet or ban removed promptly, but will also allow the operator who applied it to rest securely in the knowledge that your quiet or ban will remain as-is, unmodified, forever!


Seriously, if you don't agree with another operators actions, before acting rashly, take a day to consider why they think it was justified. If you still can't see it and won't remove the mode, try asking another operator.


Remember, Ops are there to help the users of the channel by keeping it on-topic and removing disruptive elements. If an operator thinks you're being disruptive, find out why and stop doing the thing they see as disruptive. It's really that simple.

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