Some years ago I was kind of into making "music"1 however I ended up not doing that for a while. I have taken up the headphones again, though, and begun slowly producing music that seems to be better deserving of the description than what I "produced" so many years ago. Fortunately for me those early files have since disappeared into the aether. :-)

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I'm still working on finding some kind of personal style, if I end up with anything demonstrably consistent; and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process in doing so! Each new track I try to learn something new, whether it be EQ-sweeps, effective loudening, or how not to make it sound horribly bad (subjectively speaking).

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I'm open to feedback on any tracks, and welcome ideas, so let me know what you think! You can also find more information about most of my tracks in my posts.

I may not have deadmau5's polyrhythmic grandeur or Rob Swire's secret to blissfully harmonic synth patches, but ... yeah, I think that's about it.

  • 1. this term is used rather loosely