About Me


As you may have guessed, I'm wraeth, also commonly referred to as "Sam" and "hey you!". I'm a computer guy, music person and Linux enthusiast from Australia. I am a person of few words and many talents1, so here is a brief run down of me.

Despite being from Australia I am yet to ride a kangaroo to work. :'-(


I'm from the eastern coast of Australia where I live with my dog Rosie. I'm a Gentoo Linux developer and generally devout Linux-ist, though I do keep Windows around for gaming and music production (my preferred DAW is FL Studio). I've also played around a little with video production and game development, but am yet to have anything interesting come out of that. I spend what others may consider an unreasonable amount of time on the Freenode IRC network, providing support to users in the #gentoo (and other) channel(s).

You can find me in places like the Gentoo Gitweb viewer or Github, or check out my whole one project in the Projects section. I also have a small collection of articles you may want to read in the Articles section. Then there's ...


I am a "technical consultant" working with enterprise applications running on both Linux and Windows server environments. I've done work ranging from the I.T. guy at a school to concrete prefabrication to reception and clerical duties, but have been in the I.T. industry for around ten years.

Not to mention ...


Yeah, that's a thing that I do now, too. You can find my profile on SoundCloud, check out the Music section, or play my latest track below.


  • 1. "many" as in the boolean "more than one"