Welcome ...

… to the other end of the Internet.

I don't normally host this sort of content, however for now I’ve taken it upon myself to try, once again, to have an actual website that has real content – more than just “you found a web page” (because apparently that’s too facetious).

Therefore: Hello World! My name is Sam, also commonly known as wraeth in online communities. I am a technical consultant, working with enterprise applications during the day, and doing what I can, when I can, as a Gentoo Linux developer by night (though that's been necessarily limited recently due to the ever-increasing time constraints under which I live).

I'm from the eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia; and breath the oxygen commonly found around the area. I would like to say that I am studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology through online study with Open Universities Australia and RMIT, however time and other commitments have taken away my right to do so. I do, however, spend what is probably an unreasonable amount of time on the Freenode IRC network, providing support to users in the #gentoo channel.

I am notoriously bad with updating things like this (at least, I would be if anyone happened to take note) and thus do not intend to write many posts here - particularly particularly personal posts, because they suck; but now and then I may become inspired and write a few words that, hopefully, will make someones task that little bit easier…

Failing that, at least I will have helped waste a few minutes for you.

A heap of other places I can help you waste a few minutes:


So, without further ado, I shall go forth post-haste to not updating this site or blog or watchamicallit.